EPIC™ Sensor

Plessey has developed a sensor that will ultimately change people's lives forever. Our ability to manufacture an ultra-low cost version provides enormous opportunities for use in high volume markets. EPIC™ electric potential sensing technology has the capability of being use in numerous applications.

EPIC™ is an acronym for "Electric Potential Integrated Circuit" and the term has become synonymous with the integrated circuit technology, the sensor itself, and, in a wider context, the physical principles of operation of the device within a system.

Disruptive EPIC™ sensor with multiple proven applications:

  • High sensitivity electric potential sensor that can be used in either contact or non-contact mode
  • Contact mode: measures bio-electric signals like ECG, EMG, EOG and EEG
  • Non-contact mode: measures disruption in the electric field caused by human body movement enabling:
    • Proximity sensing
    • Movement sensing
  • Communications - smart-phones and tablets for ECG
  • Security - ECG based identity verification
  • Automotive - occupancy, HR, HRV and breathing of drivers and passengers
  • Medical - ECG, tomography and "smart bed" applications