Plessey's Stellar™ LED Beam Forming Technology

Plessey’s base GaN-on-Silicon technology has been exploited to take advantage of the small LED footprints that can be achieved in combination with the inherent top surface light emission pattern of GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, producing unique beam forming solutions for directional lighting.

Orion™ Beam Forming Modules have been released that provide high performance thermal design and light output, together with a level of design freedom from secondary optics constraints beyond any current solutions for high power directional lighting. The technology will be enhanced further through advanced packaging and chip optic developments in 2017, to take high power lighting applications well beyond that of conventional LEDs and only possible through the technology of GaN-on-Silicon.

orion led module

While the CoB LED has become a popular type of light source, its use in luminaires which require precise beam forming is problematic. Due to the configuration of the LED die on the board and the way that phosphor is deposited on the die, a CoB LED in a downlight or spotlight requires a very large optical assembly, as well as a large heatsink to achieve a directional light output and a controlled beam angle. The overall luminaire can be >100mm diameter and >200mm depth.

A solution to this problem can be found in Plessey’s chip scale beam forming technology Stellar™, combining innovative design, advances in processing capabilities for the manufacture of miniature optics and coupling this with specifically tailored LED light sources. Miniature optics, by way of reflector arrays or collimators over large (cm) areas with precise tolerances to sub millimetre dimensions is now possible, that would take the 200mm example above and reduce the module to only 5.6mm in depth and the heatsink required to approx. 30mm.