Quality Assurance

Through our technology, products and their applications we aim to enhance our customers’ and end-users’ experience with technology solutions, bringing a positive influence to their lives. This includes meeting and exceeding customer expectations at all times.

We design and develop products to the best of our ability with a focus on continuous innovation and improvement. As we strive to enhance the quality of our products and processes, we meet manufacturing schedules consistently and deliver outstanding customer service.

Quality Documents

  1. Plessey – ISO9001 Certification
  2. Plessey – ISO14001 Certification
  3. Plessey – ISO45001 Certification
  4. Plessey – RoHS / REACH Declaration

ISO9001:2015 – 09 August 2021

Recognised worldwide this standard is the reference against which an organisation’s performance can be assessed. It ensures that Plessey has all the necessary processes in place to meet customer needs.

ISO14001:2015 – 14 May 2022

Aligned with ISO9001, this is an environmental standard that ensures that the way we manufacture our products at Plessey has minimal impact on the environment. This standard is recognised worldwide.

ISO45001:2018 – 14 May 2022

Aligned with ISO14001, this a occupational, health and safety standard which ensures that we take a high level of care of our employees, contractors and visitors by providing a safe and healthy working environment.