MicroLED Display Technology

MicroLEDs are a new, desirable display technology increasing in popularity in end consumer applications. Emerging as the only technology that can provide high luminance in a small format, a microLED is simply a traditional LED shrunk down to a microscopic size. MicroLEDs are self-emissive and do not require a backlight like LCD display technology on the market.

A Plessey MicroLED display has many advantages such as high brightness, ultra-low power consumption, fast response time, very high contrast rate, wide colour gamut, long lifetime, environmental stability, high resolution and the option of flexible backplanes and integration of sensors in the display.

As demand for microLED displays is accelerating, with research consultancy Yole Développement forecasting the market could reach up to 330 million units by 2025, Plessey’s GaN-on-Silicon is recognised as the only technology platform capable of addressing all the challenges involved with manufacturing microLED displays in high volumes cost-effectively.


MicroLED Display Technology