MicroLED Light Source

MicroLEDs are emerging as the only technology that can provide high luminance in a small format.

As demand for microLED displays is accelerating, with research consultancy Yole Développement forecasting the market could reach up to 330 million units by 2025, GaN-on-Silicon is recognised as the only technology platform capable of addressing all of the challenges involved with manufacturing microLED displays in high volumes cost-effectively.

It is also the only viable solution that can enable products that are not only compact enough to be worn without restricting the overall experience for AR and VR applications and in HUDs, but also provide the size, weight, power and luminance needed.



  • Efficiency – Plessey light sources provide triple the light output compared to other light sources available in the marketplace.
  • Dimension – The light efficiency allows at least a 40% shrinkage in size of the existing illumination modules.
  • Cost – The reduction in dimension sees an equivalent reduction in component costs within the illumination module.
  • Exit Pupil – Can be shaped as you need it without the patchiness.
  • Flexibility – Whatever technology your module uses (LCoS, DLP) our light engines will fit.
  • Beam forming – With beam-forming at the light engine level you can direct the light where you need it, further reducing losses.

Upgrade your light source with minimal effort using Plessey’s microLED RGB light source.

Plessey’s ground breaking monolithic MicroLED technology is gaining market traction at an exceptional rate. Key publications covering Plessey’s MicroLED technology include:

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