LED Modules & Flexi Strips

Plessey offers a wide range of innovative solutions for both LED modules and LED Flexi Strips. The combination of our die and packaged LED product families with a fully proven and audited onward supply chain allows us to meet the diverse needs of high end manufacturers throughout the general lighting market.

By partnering with Plessey, customers are accessing our expertise in custom product solutions where we combine our deep knowledge of LED architecture at the die and package level with strong design skills in optical, mechanical and electrical engineering. Every custom Plessey module and flexi strip follows a rigorous design, simulation and testing process with full recognition of the relevant reliability, electrical and safety standards. Supply chain partners are regularly benchmarked for cost and performance enabling Plessey to offer turnkey solutions for surface mount (SMT) modules, LED light engines (LLE) and chip on board (CoB) modules as well flexi strips in a variety of colour options including RGB.

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Custom SMT modules and flexi strips utilise LED components selected specifically for the required lighting distribution, type of optic and to meet cost / product lifetime targets. Both white LED standard boards and blue LED remote phosphor designs are available. The PLWK1000 series dim to warm COB imitates a traditional halogen bulb, giving the user the ability to ramp its output and colour temperature 2000K-3000K with no flicker and colour saturation indicated CRI>95 uniformity, allowing brightness of LED lamps to be easily adjustable with a smart lighting dimming system.

Custom chip on board designs, up to a maximum length of 700mm, are the best choice for large area applications in retail and industrial lighting, the size of light emitting surface is chosen to minimise cost, maximise luminous intensity and uniformity. The substrate is optimised for power density, cost, performance, and lifetime and breakdown voltage. Additional encapsulation/potting or conformal coating for environmental protection can be provided.