Plessey’s imPulse™ hand held device utilizes our patented, award winning EPIC™ sensing technology.

This sensor technology is creating considerable interest within the medical community where the primary focus is on using EPIC™ for surface body electrode physiology applications such as electrocardiograph (ECG), electromyograph (EMG), electroencephalograph (EEG), and electrooculargraph (EOG). The imPulseuses EPIC™ as a replacement technology for traditional wet-electrode ECG sensors, because it requires neither gels nor other contact-enhancing substances.

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imPulse™ detects an ECG signal by the simple placement of the thumbs on the sensors embedded in the unit. This allows for a routine, quick, accurate recording of a lead one ECG signal without the need for conductive gel or skin preparation.

The signal is transmitted using Bluetooth to a Smart-phone or Table computer and displays the ECG trace combined with a heart rate readout.

Plessey’s imPulse™ capacitive lead one ECG sensing system can support the identification of Atrial Fibrillation in both primary and secondary health care in the UK.

The imPulse™ was shortlisted at the Elektra Awards 2016 in the “Excellence in Product Design for Medical” category and awarded a “Highly Commended” recognition at the 2016 IET Awards.

Product Description Package Application Datasheet Sample / Purchase
PS25513G imPulse lead one ECG monitor (green) Green Lead on ECG monitor in green with PC software and built in AF detection software
PS25513B imPulse lead one ECG monitor (blue) Blue Lead on ECG monitor in blue with PC software and built in AF detection software
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