Hyperion™ Top Light

We have specifically designed the Hyperion™ grow light to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. The Hyperion™ grow light can work alongside or can replace high pressure sodium grow lights. With Hyperion™ you need less units for any given lighting installation than with competitor LED grow lights. Being 1:1 equivalent with existing 1000w and 600w sodium grow lights makes Hyperion™ easy to install and to use for growers, installers and greenhouse builders.

Key Features

  • Up to 1800 µmol/s and 1000 µmol/s light output options
  • Equivalent to 1000w and 600w sodium grow lights
  • Up to 40% energy saving versus sodium
  • Up to 3.0 µmol / joule efficacy (after driver and optical losses)
  • 100% LED or hybrid with HPS installation

Visit the Hyperion Grow Lights website