The most productive LED grow light. We have specifically designed the Hyperion™ grow lights to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. Hyperion™ grow lights can work alongside or can replace high pressure sodium grow lights.

Key features

  • 1000 µmol and 1600 µmol product models
  • Equivalent to 600w and 1000w sodium grow lights
  • 40% energy saving versus sodium
  • Up to 2.74 µmol /W efficiency
  • IP66 rated for full pressure power wash cleaning
  • Range of proven spectrums for different applications
  • Tailor-made spectrums available
  • Can be installed on the trellis to avoid extra shading
  • Up to 7 years warranty/ 35,000 hours
  • Finance Lease option


  • Remote driver for lower cost/ easier installation and reduced lower shading
  • Variable spectrum & dimming options


Hyperion™ grow lights are 1:1 equivalent with 600w and 1000w sodium grow lights – making Hyperion™ the most productive LED grow lights available.

With Hyperion™ you need less units for any given lighting installation than with competitor LED grow lights. For example, every Hyperion™ 1000 units is equivalent to two standard LED top light units. Every Hyperion™ 1600 is equivalent to three standard LED top light units.


  • 1:1 equivalent with 600w and 1000w sodium grow lights makes it easy to install and use
  • Fewer units required per install than any competitor LED fixtures
  • Less overall shading than any competitor LED fixtures
  • Lower installation costs
  • Install on existing trellis to avoid extra c-profile cost and shading
  • Greater flexibility on lighting design and positioning
  • Even light distribution possible across bays up to 9.6m

Case studies

We have successfully installed our range of LED grow lights in a number of key universities and research establishments. The following are an extract of these case studies and highlight the key benefits obtained from implementing the PhytoLux total solution.

Panel 2 IPM Essen