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LUCIAN™ High Power LEDs

Create 30% more light

Plessey’s single-chip high power LEDs outperform all four-chip solutions by 30%. The high power LED product family incorporates Plessey’s MaGIC™ low cost surface emitting high power silicon die into a range of industry standard high power LED footprints.

The family takes advantage of Plessey’s unique integrated multi-junction die architecture to provide differentiated cost effective solutions for industrial, retail and outdoor lighting applications.


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Plessey’s PLW7070 single chip 12V and 3V LEDs provide a 30% increase in light output when using any standard secondary optics. In addition, Plessey’s PLW7070:

  • Eliminates the shadowing effects present when using a multiple-die approach
  • Provides greater reliability thanks to advanced thermal management
  • Delivers the ability to maintain luminous flux over the widest possible temperature range
  • Operates at input currents from 350mA to 3A (1W to 15W power levels) and 3V to 24V


  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights
  • Streetlights
  • High bays
  • Portables
high power LED
Product Colour CCT (K) CRI Nominal Flux (lm) Nominal VF (V) Nominal IF (mA) Viewing Angle Dimensions Features Datasheet Sample / Purchase
PLW7070GA White 2700-6500 70-90 680-1040 11.8 700 120° (7.0X7.0X3.88mm) (275x275x152mil) Multijunction GaN on Si die
7070 footprint
LM-80 Certified
PLW7070OA White 2700-6500 70-90 1150-1390 23.2 525 120° (7.0X7.0X3.88mm) (275x275x152mil) Multijunction GaN on Si die
7070 footprint
PLW35351A White 2700-6500 70-90 80-150 3.0 350 120° (3.5X3.5X1.6mm) (138X138X63mil) GaN on Si die
3535 footprint
Product Colour Wavelength (nm) Nominal VF (V) Nominal IF (mA) Nominal Radiant Power (mW) Dimensions Features Datasheet Sample / Purchase
PLB35351A Blue 450-480 3.0 350 600 3.5X3.5X1.6mm GaN on Si die
3535 footprint
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Optics for High Power LEDs

Plessey’s high power LEDs interface excellently with secondary optics from the major high quality optics manufacturers with availability in a range of beam forming options for a wide range of light systems from spot lights to street lights.  Narrow beam secondary optics in combination with the Plessey monolithic high voltage LEDs are extremely effective at delivering a high Central Beam Candela Power (CBCP) outperforming all four-chip solutions by removing the cross-hair and therefore creating 30% more light.

Select your preferred secondary optic manufacturer for an exclusive list of compatible components.

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high power LEDs