High Power Die

High Power Die

Plessey manufactures low cost high efficiency high power GaN-on-Silicon blue die. The die can be customised and packaged for a wide range of applications in general lighting including industrial, retail, hospitality and outdoor applications. The die can be assembled as single devices or in strings or arrays for example in chip on board (CoB) designs.

The patented manufacturing process produces a surface emitting structure which has excellent light uniformity and thermal conductivity. Die can be supplied in industry standard sizes up to a maximum of 100mil square. The die technology supports forward voltages between 3V and 48V.

Plessey offers its family of blue die in a range of wavelength options, to cover uses from near UV medical products to visible blue light sources. The standard product provides the blue pump for phosphor conversion to white light.

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  • Simple low cost surface emitting designs
  • Single junction and multijunction architectures
  • Up to 65% WPE at 18A/cm2
  • Input current from 350mA to 3A; peak input current up to 5A
  • Wavelength 440-480nm as standard; 410nm-430nm & 490nm versions available on request
  • Scalable from 40mil to 100mil with no loss of efficiency
  • All die manufactured on low cost 6” (150mm) Silicon substrates
  • All die supplied sawn and mounted on membrane
  • Die thickness 150um as standard, 75um on request
  • Gold back metal suitable for solder (AgSn) & epoxy die attach
Product Colour Wavelength (nm) Nominal VF (V) Nominal IF (mA) Nominal Radiant Power (mW) Dimensions Features Datasheet Sample / Purchase
PLB0H3535xH 450-480 12 700 5000 (3500x3500µm) (138x138mil) Multijunction die