EPIC Sensor

The EPIC™ sensor will ultimately change people’s lives forever. This low cost integrated device has multiple applications in high volume markets and applications.

EPIC™ is an acronym for "Electric Potential Integrated Circuit" and the term has become synonymous with the integrated circuit technology, the sensor itself, and, in a wider context, the physical principles of operation of the device within a system.

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Disruptive EPIC™ sensor with multiple proven applications:

  • High sensitivity electric potential sensor that can be used in either contact or non-contact mode
  • Contact mode: measures bio-electric signals like ECG, EMG, EOG and EEG
  • Non-contact mode: measures disruption in the electric field caused by human body movement enabling:
    • Proximity sensing
    • Movement sensing

Further to our own primary healthcare and driver alertness products already under development, we are experiencing strong demand for customers to build novel sensing products in the following applications:

  • Communications – smart-phones and tablets for ECG
  • Security – ECG based identity verification
  • Automotive – occupancy, HR, HRV and breathing of drivers and passengers
  • Medical – ECG, tomography and “smart bed” applications
Product Description Package Gain (x) Power Application Datasheet Sample / Purchase
PS25201 Contact Sensors Compact 50 Normal Contact Electrophysiology
PS25203 Contact Sensors Compact 10 Normal Contact Electrophysiology
PS25251 Contact Sensors QFN 50 Normal Contact Electrophysiology
PS25253 Contact Sensors QFN 10 Normal Contact Electrophysiology
PS25255 Contact Sensors QFN 10 Low Contact Electrophysiology
PS25405 Non-Contact Sensors Compact 10 Normal Movement or non contact vital signs
PS25451 Non-Contact Sensors QFN 50 Normal Movement or non contact vital signs
PS25454 Non-Contact Sensors QFN 10 Normal Movement or non contact vital signs
PS25012 Single applications PCB - - - Not including Cables
PS25014 Dual applications PCB - - - Not including Cables
PS25101 Metal Can sensor - 50 - Development sensors
PS25102 Metal Can sensor - 50 - Development sensors
PS25013 Cable from application PCB to box - - - Already included with PS25003
PS25003 Development kit with DRL - - - Includes two sensors of your choice
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