SID Display Week 2019

Where the World’s Display Industry Meets

Society for Information Display's Display Week 2019 will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from 12-17 May, 2019. Display Week consists of Technology Seminars on Monday 13 May, followed by the Symposium, Tuesday through Friday and the exhibition from 14-16 May.



Plessey will be exhibiting at Display Week 2019 to showcase our proprietary monolithic microLED technology which is set to disrupt the display market and make possible a new generation of augmented reality devices and display solutions.

Visit us on Booth 1922, San Jose Convention Center

Our MicroLED technology enables simplified optical systems that are brighter, smaller, lighter and higher performing than incumbent light sources currently used in AR/MR headsets, smart glasses, pico-projectors and HUDs.

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Plessey’s ground breaking IP protected GaN-on-Silicon supports the provision of next-generation products.

  • Widely acknowledged as the route for monolithic addressable micro LED arrays/pixels for hi-res and hi-lum displays
  • High brightness LEDs, microLED displays, power devices, UV LEDs, photonic integration, advanced sensors

Plessey is creating compelling cutting edge display technology solutions, addressing the challenges and limitations faced in the field of photonics.

  • Arrays with emitters as small as 1 micron.
  • Driven at low current density for greater efficiency and longevity
  • External Quantum Efficiency at least three times higher than best in class benchmarks with more improvements in the pipeline.
  • Arrays that provide at least 100,000 nits at 1 watt, that’s TV equivalent brightness at only 5mW
  • Coloured pixels fabricated in monolithic form.
  • IP protected custom CMOS back plane provides rapid developments for custom arrays.

GaN-on-Silicon MicroLEDs outperform incumbent technologies such as OLEDs.

  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Focussed light emitting surface
  • Monolithic die/array
  • Lm/W maintenance
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Integrated electronic and optical components

Clive Beech, microLED Applications Director at Plessey, will present at the upcoming Exhibitors’ Forum at SID Display Week in San Jose on 15th May 2019, at 3:15 p.m. PDT. Beech will be discussing ‘The Future of microLED Displays using Next Generation Technologies’. He previously spoke at the pre-conference workshop at the Quantum Dot Forum in San Diego earlier this year.

The event will be held in the Executive Ballroom during the Display Week Exhibition and Symposium between the 14th and 16th of May at the San Jose Convention Center.