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Attis 7

Having worked closely with universities, research organisations and commercial growers during the research and development stage, we have used the insights gained to develop a range of LED grow lights to suit all needs.

Obtaining the correct balance between temperature, irrigation, humidity, CO2, nutrients and light is critical to the successful application of LED plant grow lights. Plants respond differently under LED lights to those grown under artificial light such as HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light, or grown only under natural light.

Optimising and correctly balancing all these input variables results in similar or improved growth response from LED. Because every grower has different requirements and installations differ from site to site, Plessey is able to work with the grower to provide the appropriate balance for their LED installation. We offer a comprehensive programme of knowledge transfer so the end-user understands this new technology and is able to create the best conditions for successful growing.

Award Winning

Plessey’s Attis 7 grow light has recently been awarded ‘LED Lighting Product of the Year’ at the Elektra Awards 2016. The prestigious awards celebrated excellence in design, innovation and technology from across the electronics industry. To read more please click here


Generic LED grow light benefits

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower glasshouse heat-load
  • Improved crop yield
  • Better crop quality
  • Less light pollution
  • Longer unit life
  • Lower maintenance

Extra benefits from the Plessey solution

  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower installation cost
  • Higher light penetration
  • Broad spectrum light for improved quality and yield
  • Optimisation solution for the grower
  • Proven track record ‘in the field’
  • A ‘knowledge transfer network’ across universities, research institutions and commercial growers allowing end-users to put in place optimum growing conditions

For more information on the benefits and solutions of the Attis Grow Light range, please click here

attis 7 led grow light
Product Size Input Voltage IP Rating Actual Power Consumption LEDs Beam Wavelength Beam Angle Light Output Warranty Datasheet Sample / Purchase
Attis 7 High Red 350 x 405 x 250mm AC100~230V @ 50/60Hz IP65 230W 126 x 3W LEDs 460nm to 730nm 0 to 115 degrees (modules adjustable) 350 micromoles/s 3 year standard
Attis 7 High Blue 350 x 405 x 250 mm AC100~ 230V @50/60 Hz IP65 230W 126 x 3W LEDs 460 nm to 660 nm 0 to 115 degrees ( module adjustable) 350 micromoles/s 3 year standard
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