Plessey featured in human-centric/ circadian lighting article by LEDs Magazine

10 November 2017

Plessey has been featured in an extremely interesting article on human-centric/ circadian lighting in the November issue of LEDs Magazine.

“As our modern lives emphatically defy the planet’s natural day/night cycle we are, plainly put, messing with our bodies circadian clocks. Our physiology has evolved over millions of years to conform with 24-hour patterns of sunrise and sunset, yet our contemporary non-stop work and play habits fight brutally against this conditioning.

While it might make sense to turn up the Kelvin settings during the day and down toward night, it’s not always that simple.”

In this article, Mark Halper, a contributing editor for LEDs Magazine (and an energy, technology and business journalist) discovers the virtues of spectral power and natural light in the work place.

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