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Plessey Tour 2016

The Premier Plessey Tour of Devon 2017

21 July 2017

Plessey is delighted to be hosting its fourth annual corporate hospitality and charity fundraising Tour of Devon on Thur... more »

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Plessey extends LED portfolio with high performance MIDION™ Mid Power LEDs

18 July 2017

Targeting all general lighting applications Plessey today announced that it is extending its LED product portfolio into... more »

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Plessey provides lighting to BRE biophilic design project

6 July 2017

Connecting buildings with nature Plessey today announced that they are a core partner in the world’s first biophilic ... more »

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high power LEDs

The next generation of LED is already here

27 June 2017

The benefits of LED over traditional lighting technology are clear – but now the first generation of LEDs is set to be... more »

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orion led module

Orion™ LED Beam Forming Module – The miniature module with a powerful punch

14 June 2017

Plessey’s unique ORION™ modules outshine the competition, offering exceptional centre-beam intensity, in a slim- lin... more »

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hyperion LED grow light

5 Reasons to Choose Plessey’s Hyperion LED Grow Light

7 June 2017

Searching for the best LED grow light? More and more growers are waking up to the benefits of LED grow lights. But not ... more »

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