Multi Market Products

Plessey manufactures and suppliers a diverse range of products that are currently being used in a number of commercial applications.
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Power Splitters

Plessey offers an ultra high linearity RF power divider with 75 Ohm input impedance to a broad band RF input signal. The signal is buffered through an ultra high linearity 6dB Gain buffer. This is followed by a power divider which splits the buffered signal into 3 signals. One signal is passed through a 200 Ohm differential output driver. The other two signals are passed through two separate 0 to .40dB AGC stages before output as two isolated independent differential signals.

This product is suitable for RF switching, distribution to multiple tuners and level control.

Logarithmic Amplifier

Plessey's PS13201 is a monolithic seven stage successive detection logarithmic amplifier for use in the 100MHz to 500MHz frequency range.

It features an on-chip video amplifier with provision for external adjustment of log slope and offset. It also features a balanced RF output.

This product is suitable for Ultra Wideband Log Receivers, Radar and instrumentation applications.

 PS13201 Data Sheet

Analogue Tuners

Plessey provides a range of products suitable for analog and digital satellite, terrestrial and cable set-top box receivers covering DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C and ISDB-T.

 PS20100 - Wideband PLL FM Demodulator - Data Sheet
 PS20500 - 2.7GHz Bidirectional I2C Bus Controlled Synthesiser - Data Sheet


Plessey's 2.8GHz Parallel Load Professional Synthesiser contains all the elements apart from the loop amplifier to fabricate a PLL synthesis loop. It features

  • High Comparison Frequency 50MHz
  • High Gain Phase Detector 1mA/rad
  • Programmable Phase Detector Gain
  • Zero "Dead Band" Phase Detector
  • Wide range of RF and Reference Divide Ratios
  • Programming by Hard Wired Inputs

Process Technology

Plessey manufactures a wide range of high performance process technologies.

CMOS 0.35µm

The CMOS 0.35µm process offers a wide range of options including stitching and low dark currents making it suitable for high performance imaging sensors.

Well proven process platforms as single or Dual gates to provide 3.3V, 5V Core options with many added on extensions. Alternative 3.3V core transistors for low voltage (e.g. single cell battery) or very low leakage. High resistance polysilicon resistors. Capacitors using Poly over Diffusion, Poly-Poly and/or Metal Nitride as single or double MIM formats. High voltage transistor as either simple Drain extensions or dedicated complementary components through use of thicker oxide operating at 5V to 45V.

H* Series Complementary Bipolar

High speed, trench isolated, double poly.

Available in a range speed (3-30GHz) and voltage (3.5-36V) options.

Bipolar HG process

This is a 4.5V bipolar process with a 22 GHz npn and a lateral pnp with beta of 60 and fT of >300 MHz.

Bipolar HJC process

This is a complementary 3.0V bipolar process with an npn fT of 28 GHz and a vertical pnp fT of 18 GHz. Its main advantage over HG is the vertical pnp of which there are five geometries available.

Bipolar HJB process

This is a complementary 4.5V bipolar process with an npn fT of 19 GHz and a vertical pnp fT of 15GHz. HJB is similar to HJ but higher working voltage. It is suitable for application up to 2.5GHz.

Bipolar HJV process

This is a medium voltage fully complementary bipolar process containing similar process features to HJC. It has an fT of 9 GHz but the transistors are rated at the higher voltage of 12V.

Bipolar HJW process

This is a high voltage fully complementary bipolar process containing similar process features to HJC. It has an fT of 6 GHz but the transistors are rated at the higher voltage of 12V. The main difference is large Vebo >3.5V and 20V MIS capacitor 0.9fF/sq micron. It is suitable for very high linearity applications

HS* Series
SOI versions of the H* complementary bipolar processes

SOI Complementary Bipolar HSB Process.

This is a high speed, 26V complementary SOI process for high speed amplifiers and ADSL drivers.

W* Series bipolar
junction isolated with single crystal emitters

Ft ranges from 1.2 to 6GHz and voltage from 6 to 32V.

They exhibit good low current linearity, and noise performance. Resistor types are poly-silicon, base and p+ diffused. Nitride capacitors are available as well as Schottky and Zener diodes.

Bipolar WPC Process

This is a versatile rf bipolar process providing excellent rf functionality at low cost. Features such as high value poly resistors and nitride capacitors and two layer metal allow low current circuits to be built with high packing densities.

Bipolar WPX Process

This is a medium voltage bipolar process with similar process features to WPC but the transistors are rated at 6V in the standard case and 18V for higher voltage versions.

Bipolar WXC Process

This is a 32V linear bipolar process with vertical NPN and lateral PNP transistors with diffused resistors, making the devices suitable for DC-DC converters, switching regulators and power management applications.