GaN-on-Silicon Technology Advantages

Plessey is a world leader in GaN-on-Silicon technology development and has been at the forefront of its commercialization in the solid state lighting market since 2012. While the technology does offer cost benefits in the production of LEDs through the use of less precious base material and the use of highly automated and depreciated semiconductor fabrication lines on large diameter silicon substrates, it is the other inherent attributes of the technology that are now beginning to impact the market. This includes taking advantage of the inherently better thermal properties of silicon over that of sapphire, together with the capability to yield large die with high voltage options through multiple on-chip junction chip architecture. These feed into Plessey’s microLED display solutions. 

Plessey continues to innovate and take advantage of GaN-on-Silicon, for example, in exploiting the unique light emission from GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, the small scale formats that can be achieved, the incorporation of chip level optics and innovative packaging design to produce some truly unique and differentiated solutions for display applications.

GaN-on-Silicon Better Thermal Performance


Better thermal performance that provides three degrees of leverage:

  • Lower LED operating temperature
    • Higher reliability
  • Simpler heat sink
    • Lower system cost
  • Higher drive current
    • Cost down through more lumens per die area
GaN-on-Silicon Focused Light Emitting Surface

Focused light emitting surface (smaller etendue)

  • Surface emitter vs. volume emitter (how “spread out” light is)
  • Simpler and lower cost optical system
GaN-on-Silicon less loss efficiency

Better lumens per watt maintenance when scaling up die size

Better uniformity:

  • Better process control for target wavelength
  • Higher wavelength binning yield
    • Lower cost for LEDs with tight binning requests
  • Sharper wavelength peak for big die
  • Better colour control for a high power LED