Dr Keith Strickland to discuss GaN-on-Silicon platform for microLEDs at The 2nd China International Micro-LED Display Forum 2018

microLED display forum Shenzhen
6 November 2018

On Monday 12th November 2018, Dr Keith Strickland, co-CEO and CTO, of Plessey Semiconductors Ltd, a leading developer of award-winning optoelectronic technology solutions, will be discussing Plessey’s proprietary GaN-on-Si platform for microLEDs during the conference at the 2nd China International Micro-LED Display Forum 2018, which will be solemnly held in Shenzhen, China.

Co-hosted by a mix of associations and alliances specialising in optoelectronics, optics and display technology; the summit will highlight the following:

  • Global efforts. Collaborative development of production, study and research, promoting Micro-LED display technology.
    Cross-field integration. Three major industries of display, LED and semiconductor stretch over;
  • Multiple strength union. The summit is co-held by nine associations among three industries;
  • Big shots gathering. Tens of the Micro-LED innovative technique pioneers, global top tier experts and business leaders dedicated to Micro-LED display are assembled;
  • Technical trend. Focus is put on international Micro-LED display and massive transferring of key technology, application and future developing trend;
  • Hot topics analysis. The top two popular topics Micro-LED and quantum dot combine tightly;

In 2018, along with the launch of Micro-LED related concept products by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and AUO, expected by the industry, the next-generation display technology and application market is accelerating its formation. At present, Micro-LED outperforms LCD and OLED in terms of technology lifetime, contrast, power consumption, reaction time and viewing angle, etc.; leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung have already made active deployment; Taiwan, Continental panels, LED chips and packaging companies are also actively deploying.


Dr Keith Strickland will be focussing on the GaN-on-Si technology platform, including; value propositions, the difficulties associated with EPI growth, pick and place versus monolithic displays, key future developments and much more.

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