Plessey CEO discusses Brexit & firm’s future plans with the BBC & Plymouth Herald

7 February 2017

One of Plymouth’s key manufacturers Plessey, has pledged its future to the city and vowed to invest millions of pounds despite any repercussions of Brexit.

Semiconductor manufacturer Plessey, employs over 150 people at its Roborough plant where it has invested £100 million since 2012. Chief Executive Officer Michael LeGoff, has affirmed that the company intends to continue producing its sought-after products, mainly high-tech LEDs for lighting, in Plymouth.

Research released this week showed that Exeter and Plymouth export a higher percentage of their goods and services to Europe than any other British cities. However, following on from any post-Brexit deals, Michael LeGoff commented to the BBC that “it is going to be very difficult for UK companies to operate in the EU if tariff barriers are imposed.”

Michael LeGoff also said that whatever happens, he wants the Government to back UK manufacturing and help it grow, seeing huge opportunities in aerospace, electronics and component production.

To watch the full BBC interview with Michael LeGoff click the video below, or click here to read the full article published by William Telford, Business Editor of the Plymouth Herald

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