Smart Watches

Plessey provides display solutions with microLEDs delivering brighter, sharper and better contrast images.

GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED are the ideal solution to displays for Smart Watches, which much as any other current display technology, combines red, green and blue sub-pixels to reproduce colour. Like OLEDs, microLEDs offer emissive display technology that delivers high contrast, high speed and wide viewing angle current. However, OLED technology is power hungry and does not offer high level of brightness, typically producing in the region of 1000 Nits (one Nit is equal to one candela per square metre), making it often difficult for users to read the screen of a smartphone or tablet in high ambient light. Plessey’s microLEDs offer the potential for significantly higher brightness upwards of 100,000 Nits, with the same luminance for much lower power as well as enhanced robustness and longer lifetime. In addition, a major advantage is greater efficiency, leading to a reduced power consumption, making the technology ideal for battery powered products.

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