Monitors/ TVs

Plessey is creating compelling cutting edge display technology solutions, addressing the challenges and limitations faced in the field of photonics.

Plessey’s ground breaking IP protected GaN-on-Silicon supports the provision of next-generation products and is widely acknowledged as the route for monolithic addressable microLED array/pixels for hi-resolution and hi-lumen displays. The outstanding thermal performance achieved through the use of GaN-on-Silicon substrate, in addition to its surface- emitting properties, produces excellent uniformity in light output. Arrays using Plessey’s unique in house developed CMOS backplane, facilitates an easy integration of electronic and optical components.

The construction of a single hybridised monolithic array, achieved by building GaN microLEDs on top of, and interconnected with, a CMOS silicon thin-film-transistor backplane, removes the requirement for expensive pick-and place manufacturing. It supports the integration of a standard CMOS circuitry array that delivers charge to the LEDs, providing the necessary addressing and driving of microLEDs displays. Easily scalable to 200mm wafers and beyond, the competitive advantage is clear, lower cost, higher yield and higher-resolution and high- luminance displays, with better thermal conductivity.

Get a head start in creating the next generation in Monitor and TV display using Plessey’s monolithic microLED solution by talking to us to find out more.