Mobile Phones

Plessey integrates CMOS backplane for addressable microLED monolithic approach with multiple emitters on a single chip.

Through our historic CMOS technology expertise, combined with our deep knowledge of GaN-on-Silicon, our monolithic microLEDs provide the manufacturing solution for display in mobile phone applications. The monolithic approach means there is no need to use pick and place machines, the LEDs are manufactured on a silicon wafer which is directly bonded to another silicon wafer, containing the active matrix.

Removing the need to pick and place individual LED chips means the entire process becomes more efficient in manufacturing terms, making it economically scalable.

These manufacturing advantages allow for displays that are high contrast and that offer high brightness, typically producing in the region of 100,000 nits (one nit is equal to one candela per square metre) with a reduced power consumption, making it the obvious solution for users to read the screen of a smartphone or tablet in high ambient light.

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