Light Engine/ Wave Guide

Plessey provides the solution to current 93% light losses seen in waveguides for the next generation AR/VR/MR products.

Current waveguide interfacing is a very lossy process with very little of the light entering a HUD usable by a viewer, 93% is lost. One key advantage of our GaN-on-Silicon LEDs is that they are surface-emitting devices, as opposed to GaN-on Sapphire, which is volume emitting. In simple terms, this means that more of the light generated is emitted in the desired direction and although a waveguide is still required less of the light is lost due to alignment of the photon’s exit vectors, further improving the power and efficiency of the display. By the combination of our microLED with the waveguide, light engines of the future are possible with a far smaller form factor.

Our design skills in Modules and Light Engines allow customers to focus on end product design.

To find out about how our monolithic microLED display technology can provide you with a solution to incumbent waveguide interfacing, with a clearer, brighter and better contrast, talk to us today.