AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality, not just consumer technologies, they are increasingly used in industrial and manufacturing applications.

AR and headsets are looking for a breakthrough in display technology in order to develop the next generation in product to meet the growing global demand that according to Yole Développment could reach 330 million units by 2025. They are increasingly used in industrial and manufacturing applications, providing skilled and semi-skilled workers access to information that can assist them in a range of tasks.

Plessey’s microLEDs are ideal for small form factor display products, starting off as a significantly brighter source, with a pixel pitch as low as 10 microns, offering brightness three to four orders of magnitude higher than OLED. Our monolithic microLED arrays enable a transformation from typical VR headsets to something more akin to a pair of glasses, changing the design paradigm of the next generation products.

To find out about how our monolithic microLED display technology based on GaN-on-Silicon can provide you with the competitive advantage for your next generation AR product design, talk to us today.