Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting requires best in class efficiencies combined with full reliability data and competitive pricing to match the demanding requirements of the situation. Plessey has solutions at the component, module and light engine level.

Our high power product families offer area and street lighting builders competitive performance and price points, with LM80 qualification, in the standard LED package formats.

Our deep experience of module and light engine design and supply also enables us to build a turnkey solution for the fixture light source, allowing our customers to focus on end product design and marketing.

orion led module

Our Stellar™ technology based beam forming modules offer outdoor lighting manufacturers new degrees of freedom in fixture design for all applications where light distribution is paramount, with minimal impact of the fixture on the surroundings. The twin disruptive advantages of reduced product form factors and increased thermal performance enable minimalist fixture design while placing the light precisely where the lighting specifier needs it.

The first standard product in our beam forming family is now available and is ideally suited to outdoor directional lighting applications – the Orion module.

Or - talk to us about a custom designed Stellar™ beam forming module for your own outdoor lighting application.