Plessey’s ground breaking IP protected GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED technology supports the provision of next-generation products.

It offers consumer electronics manufacturers new degrees of freedom in product design where smaller and more power-efficient displays yet high-definition graphics are paramount. As the dimensions of displays reduce, GaN-on-Silicon is emerging as the most technically and commercially viable approach to meeting demand for microLEDs that deliver high efficiency, high pixel density at a low power.

Plessey’s microLEDs are ideal for small form factor display products, starting off as a significantly brighter source, with a pixel pitch as low as 2.5-micron, offering brightness three to four orders of magnitude higher than OLED. Our monolithic microLED arrays enable a transformation from typical bulky VR headsets to something more akin to a pair of glasses, changing the design paradigm of the next generation products.