About Us

Plessey has a rich history of innovation spanning some 100 years.

This history gives us a perspective on user needs, and how technologies and creativity can be combined in new ways, delivering new innovative solutions.

The innovation continues, today, as we deliver new solutions that address the challenges faced by our customers and the world’s expanding population.

Today Plessey is privately held and is headquartered in Plymouth, England together with its state of the art 270,000 square foot semiconductor facility that includes Gallium Nitride (GaN) on silicon growth capacity.

Plessey has a design and technology centre based in Swindon and sales offices around the world.

Renowned for being an innovative technology design and manufacturing company, Plessey is a world leader in producing GaN-on-Silicon LEDs selling to a range of blue chip global customers.

As a technology company we are passionate about providing intelligent electronic solutions using solid state lighting and sensing to enhance people’s quality of life.

Our LED products make use of our innovative GaN-on-Silicon technology to provide lighting solutions across the industrial, architectural, retail, outdoor and residential sectors.

Our mission statement: Enhancing the human experience

Plessey is challenging the limits of current technology to provide our customers with integrated and intelligent solid state lighting. Plessey believes that the innovative and disruptive technologies can bring a positive influence to people’s lives.

We are combining our expertise in the semiconductor industry with our design skills to create innovations such as:

  • Developing low-cost single-chip LEDs for demanding outdoor and commercial lighting applications.
  • Simplifying LED lighting module design and manufacture with compact beam forming technologies.
  • Creating horticultural lighting to ensure greenhouses are more productive for growers, and enabling new forms of indoor, intensive and urban farming.
  • Providing sensing technology through EPIC™ – Electric Potential Integrated Circuit, used in a number of health and well-being applications.
  • Delivering human-centric spectral lighting innovations for 24/7 workers.