Emitter as small as 1 micron and EQE three times greater than best in class benchmarks, Plessey’s GaN-on-Silicon platform provides the only route for your microLED arrays.

High Power LEDs

Plessey’s LM-80 certified PLW7070 single chip, high powered 12V and 3V LEDs provide a 30% increase in light output over standard 4-chip lensed solutions.

Hyperion™ LED Grow Light

Plessey has developed a range of high power LED grow lights, including Hyperion, which launched in 2017. The Hyperion has been specifically designed to deliver greater returns for commercial growers.

Display Week

Plessey at Display Week 2018 following National Technology Awards win

21 May 2018

Plessey Semiconductors, a leading developer of award-winning optoelectronic technology solutions, announces it will deli... more »

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Plessey shines in the spotlight with its globally unique monolithic MicroLED technology

10 May 2018

National recognition builds for Plessey’s ground-breaking MicroLED display technology, which featured in a broadcast o... more »

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Sterling Suffolk chooses Plessey’s Hyperion 1750 LED grow light for its new UK tomato greenhouse project

17 April 2018

Plessey, a leading developer of award-winning LED technologies and manufacturer of solid-state lighting products, announ... more »

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